About Us

Blacks Bookshop is a small country bookshop nestled in the foot-hills of the Appalachian Mountains where the East Fork of Little Sandy River meanders through Naples, KY.  We are surrounded by hoot owls, whipporwills, turkeys, and deer that freely roam.

The majority of books we carry are used out-of-print but we have an abundance of recent gently used selection as well.  Check out our signed collectibles to add to your treasure trove. 

Is there a new book your looking for?  We can have it drop shipped to your mail box.

Our website is growing and we will be adding our selection of vintage sheet music, vinyl albums (78s, 33s, and 45s), CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks will keep you browsing for hours.  To see more info about an item, just click on the picture.  It will open up to full details.

Shopping online is available 24/7 and we ship within 12 hours.

Our shop is open by appointment only and you can schedule in the weekday evenings, or a Saturday.  Just call or email us.  Gift shipping and/or local delivery is also available.

FYI - When you visit, Pokey, our Senior Red Dunn Quarter Horse mare, loves apples, carrots, or sugar cubes.






We use the standards for grading books from IOBA, International Online Booksellars Association.  It goes as follows:

As New, Mint, or Fine:  without faults or defects.  These are gift givable.

NF, Near Fine:  close to fine but few minor faults which will be noted.

VG, Very Good:  showing signs of wear and faults will be noted.

G, Good:  average used book that is totally complete and intact with discrepancies.

F, Fair:  worn book that has complete text pages but may lack endpapers, half-title page, etc...faults will be noted.

P, Poor:  sufficiently worn that its only merit is complete text, which must be legible, missing parts will be noted, loose joints, hinges, pages, stained, havily soiled...

X-Lib (X-library or X-Libris) & BCE (Book Club Edition) is always designated no matter condition.

 Due to the condition, age, and origin, some books may have a musty smell.  This can usually be removed by placing book inside a bag of cat litter (on top the litter), and closing bag up and leave for a few days.  Time may vary depending on what you want to achieve.


We use the standards for grading records from Master Goldmine's Grading Guideline; for visually grading.  The grades are listed in description in this form:  Jacket/Vinyl/Sleeve .  For example   M/E/N  would mean the jacket is in mint condition, the vinyl is excellent condition, and the sleeve is a new generic white sleeve.

The grades are as follows:

Mint (M):  Perfect, brand-new condition; never been played; sealed; no wear and tear.

Near Mint (NM):  Near-perfect; very minor defects, minimal surface noise, some minor creases; no major sleeve and label wear.

Excellent (E):  Slightly used; minor scratches; minor surface abrasions; sleeves and labels may have light wear, scuffs and bumps.

Very Good (VG):  Numerous light scratches and abrasions; sleeves and label may be worn and discolored with some scuffs, bumps and scratches.

Good (G):  Numerous scratches, abrasions; may have extra hissing and noise; sleeves may have extra wear; label may be defaced and worn.

Fair (F):  Will still probably play; some bad scratches and surface wear; sleeves and label may be badly worn; defaced and creased.

Poor (P):  May be unplayable with warping; deep scratches and cracks; sleeves may be torn, split, badly creased and defaced.

N (N):  A new generic white sleeve to substitute for a lost one.